A Little About Me

Today is the day! Welcome to calligraphylane.com. I'm Minnie Lane, a Texas born hand letterer based in Elon, North Carolina, where I attend Elon University. I specialize in watercolor lettering, which is a fancy way to say I like to write my favorite quotes with a paint brush. On this blog, I will share some DIY projects, tutorials, stuff I wish I knew starting out, and maybe a little sass.

How'd I get into all this? I doodle all the time. I'm a Dance major, so whenever I'm in my academic classes, it's pretty hard for me to sit still. As a Creative Writing double major, I love doodling words and phrases. Two of my roommates are art minors, so, in November 2015, I picked up one of their watercolor sets and fell in love.

The best part about watercolor lettering? It's super cheap. All you need is a watercolor palette, cardstock, and a watercolor paintbrush. With time, you will find your own style and your lettering will get better. I promise! Just look at my sloppy first attempt compared to a more recent piece.

November 2015

May 2016

Now, I can't exactly just carry my watercolors with me to every class (oh, but don't worry, I have tried). So instead, I use the travel friendly equivalent: brush markers. These are markers that bend much like a paintbrush. They are super fun on airplanes. But warning: the person sitting next to you, without fail, will stare over your shoulder the entire ride. My favorite brush pens are Tombows, Faber-Castells, and the Kuretake. If you click on the thumbnail on the below, I've written a little about each of them  (excuse the typos, oops).

A little about my favorite brush pens

I really encourage you to go to Michaels or Hobby Lobby and pick up a paintbrush or a brush pen. Put down some old newspaper, turn on your favorite Spotify station, and play around!